Demoing TileMill to International Development Practitioners

Demoing TileMill to International Development Practitioners

Showing how to map development data at the InterAction Forum

This week Eric and I are at the InterAction Forum talking to international development folks from around the world about how to tell stories with their data. Development practitioners interact with a tremendous amount of data, such as the locations of project sites, the performance of individual activities, and project operations details. With TileMill and the rest of the MapBox suite of open source tools, we’re showing that development data doesn’t need to be trapped in spreadsheets or databases and that better visualizing this data will improve efficiencies in projects.

We’re also showing off the new release of TileMill, which is faster than ever and can now be installed on a Mac with a single click. If you’re at the InterAction Forum this week, come to the exhibit hall and say hello. We’re demoing just how easy it is to use TileMill to design beautiful maps with free and open data and talking with participants about how to bring their own organizations’ data to life.

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