Alternative Mapping on iOS at Tomorrow’s iOSDevCampDC

Alternative Mapping on iOS at Tomorrow’s iOSDevCampDC

Blitz talk about creative iPhone and iPad mapping at Cocoa developer event

Tomorrow I’m attending iOSDevCampDC, the third annual one day iOS conference held in Washington, DC, and will be giving a “blitz talk” on creative mapping approaches for the iPhone and iPad.

In this talk I’ll share our experiences making tile-based maps for the iPad, including problems we encountered, how we solved them, and open source projects that you can use for mapping in iOS. I’ll also show some example maps that we’ve made for the iPad, including those in the latest release of the MapBox iPad app and ones utilizing MapQuest Open’s map tiles.

If you’ve ever used Apple’s Google Maps-based MapKit and wanted more, whether for aesthetic, licensing, or source material reasons, or if you’ve wanted the ability to use maps offline, you’ll definitely want to catch this talk. We’ll make the slides available after the event too, as iOSDevCampDC looks to be a pretty crowded event.

If you’re attending iOSDevCampDC and would like to talk about mapping, iPad app releases, or anything else, come find me. I’ll also be tweeting from the event from @incanus77.

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