Site Guide

On this page I’ll try to explain what each part of DrupalSN is all about and how you can use it, please add any comments or suggestion below, thanks.

  • My Profile
    This is your very own part of DrupalSN, your personal space where you can list your projects, tell other users a bit more about you and your work as well as being able to get “shouts” (comments) from other users.
    Uploading your Drupal projects and filling out your profile and then linking to it in your Drupal forum signature is a great way to promote your Drupal skills to the World.
  • My Dashboard
    This shouldn’t be confused with My Profile, it’s similar in that you own them both but no one else can see your dashboard just you!
    It’s basically a page completely personalised for you that includes who’s visited your profile, buddy updates, comments on your work as well notices and things you need to do.Everytime you login you will automatically be taken to your dashboard or you can use the link in the top right corner (if you’re logged in).
  • Projects Showcase
    This is where freelancers and companies can submit and showcase their Drupal projects.
    There is a basic search facility that allows you to search by Drupal version and project type.
  • Drupal World
    This is a selection of the best Drupal RSS feeds from around the net hand-picked so you can get all your Drupal news in one place!Know a great Drupal feed we’re missing, suggest it here.
  • Tutorials
    Ok, yeh I’m cheating here because this section isn’t setup yet but I’d love to know what tutorials you’d like to see or if you’d be interested in writing some tutorials.Suggest tutorial topics or show your interest in writing tutorials!