Featured Company Articles

Expose your company’s skills, services or products to thousands on DrupalSN!

What is a Featured Company article?

It’s an article about your company and what you do that is featured on the DrupalSN homepage.
The article can be in an interview style and angled to suit your needs.

Who can benefit from being a Featured Company?

Simple answer is anyone!
If you offer a service that is related to Drupal or web development then getting your message out to potential clients who have an interest in Drupal and web development can only be beneficial!!

Some examples:
1) If your company has just launched a new product (a new hosting plan or Drupal theme for example) then you might want to introduce your company and what it does and then focus on what your new product is and how it can benefit the readers.

2) You are a Drupal or web development company and you want to stand from the crowd and reach new clients. Introduce your company and expose your skills and portfolio.

What you will get as a Featured Company?

  • Exclusive placement in the feature rotator on the DrupalSN homepage
    Exclusive in that we only feature one company at a time so you will be the only company on the feature rotator for that month.
  • Placement in the Featured Companies articles archive
    Once your feature has been up a month then your article will go into the featured articles archive where it will stay forever!
  • An exclusive mail out to the DrupalSN mailing list
    A mail out will be sent all the DrupalSN mailing list contain your feature and your feature only!
    Our mailing list currently contains 2249 people.
  • Free Site Partnership
    You become a life time Site Partner completely FREE of charge (standard price $50 when bought on its own). This involves placing your logo and link in the site footer and on the Companies page where it will show at random with 3 other Site Partners.
    Find out more.

DrupalSN Members

DrupalSN has over a thousand members ranging from Drupal newbies, freelancers and other companies.
It’s an active community consisting of people wanting to learn Drupal, Drupal experts and people looking to network.

Members breakdown
Freelancers: 2573
Companies: 1132
Drupal User: 3190

DrupalSN Mailing List

We also have a high quality mailing list of opted in users of 2249 members, and your feature will be sent to these members as part of the feature package!

DrupalSN Traffic

DrupalSN has a regular and consistent flow of traffic, for the month December 7th 2008 to January 7th 2009 we had:

43,635 Pageviews
32,302 Unique Views

10,095 Visits
6,525 Absolute Unique Visitors

Stats provided by Google Analytics

How long does the feature last?

We guarantee your feature will be shown exclusively on the homepage for at least one month and there after it will go to the featured articles archive where it will be available for as long as DrupalSN lives 🙂

Ok, so what does it cost?

It’s a bargain at $350 for one month!
That’s great value at around $11 per day
Well I would say it’s a bargain that but you only need to read the above to see it’s a great way to expose your company to a large and interested user base!!

If I’ve sold you on being a featured company then please get in touch at [email protected]!!