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“Classic” Web Problems, Solved

Add CommentShareSource29Tuesday, July 29, 2008By adminA lot of energy in the Drupal world goes towards solving complex problems: giving administrators ways to build publishing workflows without writing code, integrating with cool new APIs, automatically translating site content into Klingon… You know. The usual. With all of that energy focused on complex architectural problems, it’s easy

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The Bitchin’ Search Box

Add CommentSourceArticlesBookmark/Search this post with:Delicious DeliciousDigg DiggStumbleUpon StumbleUponFacebook FacebookGoogle GoogleYahoo YahooTechnorati Technorati9Saturday, June 9, 2007By adminWe got an email today saying: your search tab is bitchen’. how did you do it? Is there a mod? I thought it might make a good quick article to explain how we’re doing the (bitchin’) search box on the

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