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Media Code Sprint (Top 3 Goals)

Add CommentSource24Thursday, July 24, 2008By adminThe Media Code Sprint is underway! Here’s a cross-post from my blog detailing the goals of this sprint, which runs through Saturday. We need your help! Andrew Morton (drewish), Darrel O’Pry (dopry, remotely), and I are heading up a Media Code Sprint in Portland this week! Come help, in person

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drupal-groups Has been launched on IRC

Add CommentShareSource29Tuesday, July 29, 2008By adminTo help group organizers meet eachother and share their knowledge, tips & ticks for organizing and motivating drupal groups i’ve launched a new drupal irc channel #drupal-groups. I encourage everyone to join this channel to discuss how to improve user participation in drupal groups and other helpful information. I strongly

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