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A Visual Analysis of Drupal Modules

Add CommentShareSource Articles13Friday, June 13, 2008By adminInspired by Laura’s recent post, I decided it would be fun to run some of the data from DrupalModules.com through Wordle. So, I wrote a script to parse the entire collection of released Drupal modules. Over 2000 descriptions, written by hundreds of different module developers, were analyzed. This image

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Avoiding the Template.php of Doom (or, Overriding Theme Functions in Modules)

Add CommentShareSource Articles16Monday, June 16, 2008By adminDrupal’s theming system offers developers and designers a flexible way to override default HTML output when specific portions of the page are rendered. Everything from the name of the currently logged in user to the HTML markup of the entire page can be customized by a plugin “theme”. Unfortunately,

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