Understanding 8: Where Drupal Is and Where it’s Going

Understanding 8: Where Drupal Is and Where it’s Going

What we’ve built, where we’re going, and how to stay sane

For the past several weeks, long-running debates in the Drupal community have been in the spotlight. Since DrupalCon London in August, discussions about the maintainability of Drupal Core, the nature of Drupal as a web framework, and its proper target audience have generated hundreds of comments. At the heart of the current debate are some key questions:

Drupal core has become larger and more difficult to maintain in recent releases. How can we make it easier for increasingly overloaded core developers to maintain the software?
The rapid growth of Drupal has led to a much more diverse pool of users. How can we account for the different — and sometimes incompatible — needs of that very diverse userbase?
The same complexity and tight coupling that overloads core developers also makes building major products and sites on top of Drupal difficult; how can we simplify that work?

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