The Friday Roundup: APIs, Drupal Drama, and DIWD Fantasies

The Friday Roundup: APIs, Drupal Drama, and DIWD Fantasies

FCC Sponsors API Work
The recent launch of a newly-redesigned web site is a big win for Drupal, and a great example of public-access APIs being built into large government web sites. Seabourne Inc.‘s post about the migration also details the new contrib module, Content API, that the project spawned. Built on top of the popular Services module, it automatically exposes select content types on a Drupal site via a REST interface. A little bird told the Lullabout Roundup Cowboy that a D7 version of the module is coming soon, as well…

Give it a REST
Speaking of REST and web APIs, an interesting article by designer Luke Wroblewski discusses the potential for API driven and server-side tools to simplify the implementation of responsive web designs. Confused? Check out Jerad Ponchot’s article on responsive design, and developer Steve Klabnic’s article, Nobody understands REST.

All Documentation Isn’t Equal

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