Module Monday: Plupload integration

Module Monday: Plupload integration

Speedy and flexible bulk image handling

Bulk image handling can be a very common pain point for a Drupal site administrator. Sure, to incorporate a few photos into a node’s body, there are great tools like the Insert that work out quite well. For larger numbers of images that live in imagefields, projects like the Imagefield Import module start to solve the problem, but the workflow can leave a lot to be desired if if you’re managing uploading large numbers of images on a daily basis. To top it all off, rolling your own solution is incredibly complex due to numerous of cross-platform browser issues.

The Plupload integration module improves the image uploading process by automatically creating nodes with imagefields for each file you upload. It automatically handles bulk uploading across all modern browsers, and degrades to standard form elements on older ones. Finally, it’s flexible enough that with some fairly simple code of your own, you can extend its functionality and customize its image handling process to match any workflow you need.

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