MapBox for iPad 1.4 Released

MapBox for iPad 1.4 Released

TileStream integration brings live map streaming to the app

We’ve just released MapBox for iPad 1.4, a huge update bringing full integration with both our TileStream Hosting service and our open source, self-hosted TileStream software. We’ve also overhauled every inch of the application’s design and appearance, added support for MapQuest Open tiles, fixed a slew of bugs, and moved to supporting iOS 4.2 and up for the best performance and reliability.

Tile browsing interface screenshot

The new TileStream integration means that with only a tap, you can easily browse all free, public map tilesets on our TileStream Hosting service. Swipe through dozens of maps in the “album” view, pinch open stacks of tiles, and tap individual tiles to preview full-screen maps immediately, complete with interactivity and basic metadata about the tiles such as supported zoom levels and whether they feature full-world coverage. Tap to select the sets you’d like on your device, tap “Add Layers”, and you have immediate access to the sets natively on your iPad – no typing required. Just like any layer in the app, you can stack them with any other layer – local or remote, as well as KML and GeoRSS data overlays – for easy sharing of screenshots of your map combinations.

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