Map of Washington, DC Neighborhoods Available on MapBox

Map of Washington, DC Neighborhoods Available on MapBox

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
By admin
New tileset shows neighborhood boundaries and drills down to street level views

We just released a new map tileset of Washington, DC called DC Bright on This map focuses on the city’s neighborhoods, showing their boundaries while letting you drill down to see street names and other landmarks. With the design of this map, we wanted to create a clean, light canvas that serves as a good base to add clusters of data points and information to. The map has a soft color palette, and street level labels turn on at zoom level 15.
You can integrate these map tiles directly into your websites via TileStream (hosting is free for all MapBox tiles) or download it to run off your MapBox iPad App.

Using open data to create layers
All of the map layers you see in the DC Bright tileset were created using open data. Shapes, including buildings, parks, roads, and neighborhoods, were provided by the Washington, DC government on, and the outline of the city and the street labels came from OpenStreetMap data of Washington, DC provided by Cloudmade.
Many of the shapefiles were altered using QGIS, and label names and descriptions were customized from this neighborhood shapefile using the spreadsheet tool in LibreOffice. This allowed us to better match these to the overall design and purpose of the tileset.

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