Intro to Fields for Site Builders

Intro to Fields for Site Builders

In Drupal 7

Introduction to Content Types & Fields

Watch the first introductory video on!
In this video series you’ll watch Joe Shindelar, Karen Stevenson and I (Michelle Lauer) walk you step by step through building out a job posting board. We do it all with the built-in Fields module in Drupal 7 along with some other contributed modules. Each chapter builds upon the last as the team builds and configures two content types for posting available jobs and job applications.
In this video series we cover the basics that Site Builders need to know, including:

How to add fields
How to configure how fields are displayed
How to use various field types (including files, images, term references, node references, and user references)
The first two videos in the series explain the Article and Page content types that are provided by default in Drupal 7. They outline the similarities and differences between the two content types and walk you through some of the configuration options that define the default settings whenever a new node is created.

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