Drupal Community Philosophies

Drupal Community Philosophies

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Sunday, June 29, 2008
By admin
In presentations I usually point out that Drupal is three things:

A content management system: The forms you fill out, the buttons you click, and the content you work with. The stuff you interact with every day while you manage your site.
A content management framework: The low-level APIs that let you extend and modify Drupal to make it do everything from ratings to image galleries to your dishes.
A community: The thousands of documentation writers, developers, testers, support providers, designers, and evangelists from all over the world, working together to make Drupal a better platform every single day.
It’s this third point I’d like to talk a little more about today, by providing some insights into the general Drupal community philosophies that guide our interactions with one another, and as a result, the growth and direction of the Drupal project as a whole.

The Drupal community has several core philosophies, some of which are documented, others of which you just kind of pick up from spending enough time watching various interactions on the forums, on issue queues, and on the mailing lists. Here’s a brief guide, for the uninitiated.

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