Display Suite: Building Fancy Teasers Without Custom Templates

Display Suite: Building Fancy Teasers Without Custom Templates

I’ve been working on a Fantasy Site for next week’s Do It With Drupal conference, a Drupal version of the Meetup.com site. It’s involved digging deep into the Drupal 7 versions of Organic Groups, Views, Panels, Date, and lots of other modules. I quickly identified the main content types I needed: Group, Meeting, Place, and RSVP, but looking around the site I soon realized it would need extremely complex ‘teaser’ views of all these types. Each one would require lots of information from the content itself as well as related content, and each content type would need several totally different ‘teaser’ views.

The Challenge
The site’s ‘Group’ content type is a good example. It needs a square teaser like the following for display on the home page. It includes the title, image, and location of the Group along with information about the most recent meeting.

That one seems relatively straightforward, but there is a totally different three column teaser for the ‘Group’ content type used on the ‘Find a Group’ page. Note that this group teaser has group information, membership information, and even includes what looks like an embedded ‘teaser’ view of next upcoming meeting.

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