7 jQuery Plugins That Made Our Lives Easier at ON Networks

7 jQuery Plugins That Made Our Lives Easier at ON Networks

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
By admin
We, the developers of ON Networks released version 1.1 of our website this evening (its built off of drupal of course… if it weren’t, than I would go sharing it with the planet, would i?). The notable improvements are ajax comments, tooltips for episodes, and a global navigation.

In celebration of this small milestone, I figured I’d reveal our favorite jQuery plugins that we’re using. (note that our site’s jQuery is 1.2.1… which is several versions ahead of the vanilla drupal core).

  1. Cycle Plugin — An early concept of our new homepage used this plugin. While that concept is dead, this plugin is very much alive in my head. Indeed, its one badass little jQuery plugin. For starters, it supports all the browsers I care about, offers tones of cool animations, and its syntax, and expected markup are bloody simple. Best of all, the author was a mind reader, and gave me all the options I needed, allowing me to use it without altering the plugin’s source code.

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