2011 Hosting Survey

2011 Hosting Survey

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Thursday, April 21, 2011
By admin
Feel free to put where you are hosting your Drupal sites.

For my (thund3rbox) personal stuff: Hot Drupal, http://www.hotdrupal.com
18 sites including ecommerce, personal, galleries, wikis and project collaboration on GoDaddy.com

Stupidly cheap ($70/year for unlimited storage, databases and bandwidth), comes with 1 SSL certificate.
Reasonable service and support from a long distance (AZ) number.
Stupid corporate policy, like not allowing SFTP accounts in favor of FTP accounts for “security reasons”.
Shell access, but many standard Linux commands are restricted (ping, traceroute, ssh, etc.) again for “security reasons”.
Third party (as in free) SSL certificates not supported, must by GoDaddy certificates at $50 – $200/year per domain.
12 sites hosted on a dedicated server (quad core, 8G memory, 6TB disk)

Behind my slow DSL connection so no bandwidth to speak of.
Full control over the environment, no support hassles. Then again no support.
No recurring monthly fees of any kind. Hardware was re-purposed from another project.

Exaltation of Larks hosts most of our sites, including dev and production sites for clients, on SoftLayer. Their “bare metal cloud” offering is great. It’s basically a dedicated server running on commodity hardware but with all their cloud management tools. Their cloud computing instances are not without flaws, but they’re more reliable (in my experience) than Amazon EC2. We’re moving off EC2 soon. I’m looking at SoftLayer, Rackspace and MidPhase.
SoftLayer is also LA Drupal’s hosting sponsor and hosts drupalcampla.com, ddcla.org and ladrupal.org.
We also use Linode and RimuHosting for a few VPS sites.
I don’t recommend Amazon EC2 unless it’s for a large multi-tier infrastructure.
None of thse webhosts offer shared hosting, but nearly all of our servers are set up in a shared hosting configuration using Virtualmin. Highly recommended.

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