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What to buy a Drupaler for Christmas

With Christmas less than a month away now, I bet you’re wondering exactly what Drupalers want for Christmas, so he’s my list.A ticket to DrupalCON DCDrupalCONOn March the 4th-7th 2009 Washington DC is hosting DrupalCON. DrupalCON is a bi-annual conference/unconference for Drupal developers and users.It brings together the Drupal developers and Drupal users to share

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Learning “How to Drupal”

I’ve noticed a growing number of DrupalSN users signing up because they want to learn “how to Drupal” and as many of you are probably finding it can be a steep learning curve! So in this tutorial I’m going to highlight some important points and resources you should check out if you’re just starting out

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Drupal Sub domain configuration

Big thanks to Ariene Ellefsen for writing this great little tutorial for DrupalSN, thanks Ariene! Hello Everybody, I’d like to share this tutorial with you about how to set up subdomains on your website using Drupal and a few server tricks. So why use subdomains?Subdomains offer 3 main advantages: Google treats a sub domain as

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