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Added by on Sun 7th Jun 2009

Project Info

This is a attempted marriage of Zen and Garland, the core theme. It is meant to be one of OTS (off the shelf themes). Good for personal blog sites who may want to get unique color scheme every single day :)


  • 1, 2, or 3 column, fixed and fluid layout
  • Both sidebars are placed on the right, with additional top and bottom sidebars
  • Supports external link popups, inactive by default. Activate it on script.js
  • Custom feed icon
  • Compact search block
  • Optional header graphics
  • More color options, some adapted from kuler community
  • Cross-browser tested in IE7, Opera, Chrome and Firefox, you may need to install pngfix.module to help IE6 though
  • Type of site:
  • Drupal Version:
  • Additional Credits:

    Credits to zen and garland creators.

  • Development Time: 2 weeks or so
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2009 gausarts.com
  • Site URL: http://gausarts.com

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SEO Seattle's picture

Wow this is very nice! Great job!
~ Jim