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Added by on Sat 25th Apr 2009

Project Info

Stylelurf.com, a Thai street-fashion community. A place to share outfits, articles in any style from vintage to modern. It provides people searching their outfits matching their styles.

Features in the web including forum, vote, PM, adding friend, etc.

Project developed by several contributed modules based mainly in:

  • ImageCache + ImageAPI
  • CCK
  • Contemplate
  • Plus1 + VotingAPI (for voting system)

However the site is hosting in Thailand, so the download speed from somewhere outside Thailand is pretty pain slow.

Comments (2)

droople's picture

I was wondering how you created the wonderful “jquery carousel” at the bottom?

Which module did you use for that?

Thank you

manop's picture

It is Views carousel (http://drupal.org/project/viewscarousel) with modified CSS.