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Realys group - Sustainable Architecture Group

Added by on Tue 23rd Jun 2009

Project Info

Client Needs: Realys Group’s previous website was originally designed in flash with very limited update possibilities and poor SEO features. Being proud of working for Shanghai World Expo 2010, Realys communication team was eager to explain to website visitors the “brain cell” concept and highlight the innovation for which Realys Group was chosen. Therefore, one of the main requirements was to have a flexible website that could be maintained in-house, with sophisticated visuals effects to enhance user experience.
Having a substantial experience, Realys Group wanted to highlight its projects’ main features with “ID cards”, a brief description of the work that was carried, and various prominent pictures.

Project key features :

1 – Full arsenal of effects:
Being an architecture and design company, Realys Group required its website to be visually appealing and eye-catchy. Various sets of effects were implemented on the website: – JQuery Lightbox (Graphical effect that appears in front of the visited page without opening any other window or tab) was implemented to display the access map to Realys Offices in Shanghai; – JQuery Pictures Fade-in/Fade-out was set up on the Home Page to display rotating pictures of the most important sections of the website; – JavaScript rewriting of titles and texts into non-standard fonts to allow Realys’ website to look differently, from usual websites with well-known fonts, while staying optimized for search engines; – JQuery Pictures Carousel on all project pages is a convenient and interactive way of presenting Realys’ achievements over the past few years, bringing together drawings, 3D visuals and actual pictures of buildings. – The TEAM page was specially designed and programmed to ensure a nice display of Realys’ employees: JavaScript, tooltips and Effects were combined to give the same feeling as a flash page, while ensuring the page content is SEO-friendly.

2 – Implementation of Drupal:
In order to build a sustainable website that could be maintained and further extended, Davyin Internet Solutions installed, configured and fully customized the well-known Open Source Content Management System Drupal. Realys Group can make full use of the great functionalities Drupal puts at the disposal of its community, and is Multilanguage (UTF-8) optimized if they plan to add a Chinese version in the future. Furthermore, the website was customized according to Drupal API standards which allow clean updates of core files and other contributed modules to keep the website up to date. A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) – FCK editor – was also set up to allow easy update of pictures and text content. Different pre-filled page templates were created, and can be inserted through rich text editor the same way as choosing slide designs in MS Powerpoint.

3 – The Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) setup package of our online solutions was implemented on the website: featuring URL-rewriting, dynamic XML Sitemap, Meta tags, etc… The website is built according to W3C standards and search engine friendly guidelines, and will therefore benefit from natural positioning, which was impossible when the website was in flash. Meta tags can be independently chosen on each page, allowing a better on-site optimization as people looking for information on a specific project or company will be more likely to directly access project page.

  • Type of site:
  • Drupal Version:
  • Development Time: 3 weeks
  • Copyright: Pictures and content are declared under Creative Commons Share Alike 2.5 2009. Some rights Reserved.
  • Site URL: http://www.realysgroup.com/

Comments (3)

stellarvisions : communication architects's picture

Great project information. Nice site.
Did you work with an information architect?

Stella Gassaway
STELLARVISIONS : communication architects

Davyin Internet Solutions's picture


Thanks for your comment. It takes quite some time to write and review a good case study and we enjoy sharing them because we believe it could be useful somehow for the community, so we’re glad you liked it!

When building a website we carefully consider its architecture to be robust and flexible and display relevant content to visitors. As we believe information architecture is at the very basis of every good website, we often require at least one information architect / project manager to work in each team. As a Drupal development outsourcing company, we’ve also been involved in projects with partners, dividing the work at different levels and we would deal directly with client’s project managers and information architects. In this case they would be in charge of content organization, content types definition, vocabularies, etc…. which is actually why we like to use Drupal so much for content modeling.

And why using Drupal if its not for information architecture ? ;)

Edouard de Saint Chamas
Marketing Team
Davyin Internet Solutions

Davyin Internet Solutions's picture