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Pelle Molle

Added by on Sun 31st Aug 2008

Project Info

Pelle Molle sells hand-made skin care products created from earth-friendly, natural ingredients. Give ‘em a try!

The following notes might interest developers:

  • The site uses Ubercart for the e-commerce functions.
  • The site was ported from an existing osCommerce site.
  • I wrote the uc_addresses module so I could port the address information from the old site.
  • I transmuted comments into product reviews. I don’t think that’s too unusual.
  • I spent more time on the design than on the site. Rounded corners are part of the look of the store. The biggest problem? Getting rounded, anti-aliased, bullet-proof input fields (and select fields!) to work across most browsers—even IE 6! I hope to release the code for this as a jQuery extension.
  • The site is based on Drupal 5 but uses jQuery 1.2.6 thanks to the jQuery Update module.
  • I spent a lot of time optimizing the images (size and quantity). Multiple images are packed into one using sprite technology. I used other tricks to avoid needing a PNG24 file for the transparent watermarks.