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Office Bobbles

Added by on Sun 1st Feb 2009

Project Info

Demo site showcasing the Level10 Drupal Essentials distribution.

Dustin created custom theme from PSD designed by Kevin Flahaut.

Tom McCracken and Dustin were the main developers on the Essentials distribution.

Dustin configured site.

All work by LevelTen Design.

Comments (3)

Ixis IT's picture

What’s the “Drupal Essentials distribution” when it’s at home?

LevelTen Interactive's picture

The Drupal Essentials (Or LevelTen Drupal…naming isn’t completely settled) is a distribution of Drupal we are creating. It is available on the LevelTen site as an alpha. It contains Drupal core, a bunch of contributed modules, a set of LevelTen modules and a lot of customization including permissions, content types (for common stuff like articles and press releases), views, blocks, etc. Basically a much further along starting point for a Web site. Many important contributed modules like pathauto and token are already configured and enabled on install.

Fever Digital's picture

That’s awesome. The drupal community needs more of these kinds installs.