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Added by on Sat 11th Oct 2008

Project Info

A dream of mine has became true.

My very first attempt to produce a fully working internet area about photography is only a few days away.

I have built a site that has a true multimedia experience for the viewer and covers the following :

1. Photography news under various categories are collected automatically via internet and are categorized for easy viewing
2. Advanced search engine, photography oriented of common issues about the art of photography, in terms of techniques and problems that someone might face
3. Members’ area with a set of rich community and collaboration tools to advance members’ interaction. Potentially every member builts his own site with easy to use wizards for most of the common actions (see below)
4. Portfolio area, anyone can join in and create his online portfolio with pictures, video, biography and other usefull info accessible by anyone or noone, depending on member’s selection. It will be on the form of : http://memberxxx.odphotography.biz. (No administrator interaction is needed in order to make an online portfolio, BUT monitoring for proper content is in place. Rated content can be included after authorization from the admin team and will be restricted to registered adults)
5. E-Shop area, potentially every member can make his/hers online photography shop and sell. SSL technologies support online purchases for such transactions
6. Forum area, where every member can create his/her forum(s) and be the full administrator of them
7. Blog area, for members who want to promote their thoughts, views and news to the world, of course supported by RSS for easier interaction with the WWW
8. Projects’ area. What this site could be if such an area would not exist. Every single member can have his/her own project and collaborate with other members or invite non-members to contribute. This is a fully business oriented approach and wishes to become a standard to photography oriented projects
9. Events’ area. Would you like to advertise and promote an event? Then this is the place to be
10. Photoshootings’ area. Last but not least. Any member can create a photoshooting in a calendar view and invite members or non to join in. Great care has been given to the various roles the administrator-member could give to members that join a photoshooting. The freedom to create new roles also exists

For more information check this link :

Site will be up and live in a few days!!!