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No City In The World

Added by on Wed 29th Apr 2009

Project Info

This site is yet another freebie for a good friend. Site just launched in the last week of April 2009. Will document all counterculter music to come out of Reno Nevada since the late 1970s. Is also an e-store powered by Ubercart for the selling of MP3s and re-pressed vinyl, relevant to the artists covered on the site.

Brand new, so no real content just yet.. the friend is getting on it soon :)

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This website is designed as an online library to document the output of the rich and vibrant counterculture community of Reno Nevada.

For over thirty years Reno has had a thriving music community that began and supported a great many bands throughout the years. Some of these bands have sold thousands of records worldwide and have toured in multiple countries, some of these bands have stayed together long enough to only record before moving onto the next thing.

This website is the product of a whole community of people lending their time, music and effort to make available the rich pool of music that Reno is and, as it looks, continues to be. This website will be frequently updated with more and more bands as they unfold.

Along with documenting bands that have existed, No City In The World will serve as a label to release vinyl and CD’s of current working bands in the Reno community. These physical documents will be available as they come at as affordable as they can be made. Thank you for reading and spending your time at No City In The World!