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Added by on Tue 5th Aug 2008
A place for glass artists and glass art fans | myglassart (20080805).jpgAll (by name) | Artists | myglassart (20080805).jpgMost Recent | Blogs | myglassart (20080805).jpgForums | myglassart (20080805).jpgTerrific Idea | myglassart (20080805).jpgHans Godo Frabel | myglassart (20080805).jpg

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Designed and developed by myself.

Comments (4)

TomsWebStuff's picture

real nice site! love the bold and clear design, it’s totally the type of design i like!
Nice profile layouts too!

Frabel Studio's picture

Thank you.
Because I’m a graphic designer, not programer, I’m really happy that you like my design.

rtboxdesign's picture


didn’t visit the site itself, but i like all of it… like thomjjames said,i like the nice bold design it puts all the content in a state where it jumps off the page.

good work