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Magic Bullet

Added by on Tue 8th May 2012

Project Info

Magic Bullet is a dynamic and vibrant, website design and hosting company, based in Pretoria, Gauteng. The company, which was formed in 2009, has developed numerous websites for a wide cross-section of industry. Magic Bullet specialises in web design, website marketing and website hosting of new and upgraded websites.

We are of the firm belief that, with the rapid expansion of technology being experienced at the present time, no business, whatever its size, should be without a website. To this end we advocate the use of the Drupal content management system.
Drupal Website Hosting

Magic Bullet uses its own dedicated servers to host Drupal and other websites. This enables us to offer our clients a better and faster service than they would get from a shared hosting site, with far less restrictions. Our servers are ideal for Drupal Hosting.
Drupal Website Design

Our graphic designers have designed hundreds of websites and through experience learned what works and what doesn’t. All our Drupal websites are designed with SEO in mind. All our new Drupal websites are developed as HTML5 and CSS. Accessibility and inclusion are also part of our design ethos. Under normal circumstances Magic Bullet can design and activate a new website design within 15 working days of it first being ordered.
Drupal Development

We can and have developed large online systems on Drupal. As much as possible, we use existing Drupal modules to achieve the required functionality. However, if push comes to shove; we will be able to assist with development of custom modules.
Drupal SEO

We at Magic Bullet are experts not only at on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we specialise in Drupal SEO. We will ensure your website comply to the required standards and that your website receives good rankings on search engines such as Google.
Google Adwords Management

We have mastered the Google Adwords system. By using us to manage your Online Advertising Campaign on Google Adwords – you will pay the least amount per click whilst still being listed among the top ads.

During its years of operation Magic Bullet has established a niche in the IT market that has enabled it to successfully market new websites by means of SEO so that they achieve high ranking on search engines such as Google. This has enabled our clients to be one step ahead of their competitors by outperforming them on search engines such as Google. Our Drupal website design and marketing teams are backed up by a strong research and development team that constantly keeps the company up to date with technical developments that we, in turn, are able to pass on to our clients. This enables us to pass on to our clients a service that is second to none with an Internet presence that carries an affordable price tag.