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Libertarian Party | LP.org

Added by on Thu 28th Aug 2008

Project Info

Graphical Overhaul, hosting upgrade, data and content conversion to drupal, donation system converted to a custom programmed drupal module, signup and volunteer custom modules, custom campaigning module package, Flash-based donation tracker, continued support and feature updates.

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Always nice to see “big” sites going with Drupal. Only stands to further the Drupal Community!

Nice Work!


We learned a great deal during the process of converting everything to drupal. In hindsight, we probably went a little too CCK crazy, but overall they have been very happy with the ease of adding content. Views have been a pleasure to use. We are currently working on a totally custom administrative back-end for them and future clients. I’ll be sure to post a write-up and possibly a tutorial when it is finished.