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Added by on Thu 7th May 2009
homepage - www.learndrupalfast.com - Drupal Tutorials_1241752287571.png

Project Info

I am pulling together the hundreds of tutorials across the net so people will have one place to go for video tutorials about drupal.

Comments (1)

Several Drupal-tutorial overview sites have popped up in the last few months, some quite good and some less. This website looks like a winner. I can see that it’s still in development, but it’s already nice and easy to navigate. Very useable.

I have one feature-request and that is that the author try to inform the audience about what version of Drupal and the modules are used in the tutorials, wherever possible.

If you have not already you should also post this in the Drupal.org showcase forum, to get more feedback.

Keep on drupling 8)