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Knooq Web Design Agency

Added by on Fri 28th Oct 2011

Project Info

A clean and bright look for a web design agency. We concentrated on theming this design with different page templates for the front page and certain content types.

As a Drupal Developer, we sought to create an integrate theme from scratch including theming the administration interface.

The objective here was to create all of the Graphic Design using open source software which we think worked well. This took up a large part of the development time.

We also themed the block administration area, and module admin areas to match the overall look . We themed everything from links to buttons and even changed the design of the blocks area in order to better highlight various new regions that we had added.

The themes also relies on CSS3 attributes for various block/box shadows and radii, among others. Alerts and notifications have been moved to the top-right of the browser window and are also themed.