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Kentlake Falcon Football

Added by on Wed 5th Sep 2012

Project Info

I built this site for my son’s High School Football team. It is built on Drupal 6.x.
I am using both the Flickr module and the Brilliant Gallery module to import RSS feeds to populate the image galleries. I have about 0 image processing to do. It uses the jQuery plugin Pikachoose to power the homepage rotating banner image.
I am using the Boost module for performance and it is pretty unbelievable the speed increase that module will give you, particularly if you are in a shared hosting environment.
It utilizes quite a few node references, to tie the schools to the stadiums to the game schedules.

I built the entire site myself and am [still] trying to make it dummy proof so I can unleash parents in it to update the content… wish me luck! :~)

Thanks for reading!
Jim Summer

Comments (3)

DrupalSN's picture

Cool site! Congrats!

What did you use to make the menu drop downs with the images and menu links in them?


SEO Seattle's picture

Hi Tom,
I cheated on that one.
That is not a module. That is a block full of the unordered list html for the dropdown mega menu, driven by jQuery.

So, any pages that are added that need to be in the dropdown I have to manually add. Not a big deal to me really each add is 1 list-item and anchor tag, 1 line of html.
I did this to make the html as clean and tight as possible, so having to manually edit the block is a decent trade off for me. I couldn’t find a Drupal module to do exactly want I wanted so I went that route.

If you view-source you will also notice that the meganav code comes after the content, and is positioned visually using CSS. This is to feed the search engine bots the most relevant content as soon as possible as opposed to wading through about 70k of html on every page before reaching the content.


DrupalSN's picture

Cool, thanks for the info, I’ve never consider the search engine issue before like that, good point.

I had to do mega menus for a client now and have used menu mini panels module http://drupal.org/project/menu_minipanels, aint perfect but quite flexible and renders drops downs after the content too :)