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Inner Health Plus

Added by on Wed 27th Aug 2008

Project Info


Inner Health Plus is one of the strongest medical strength probiotics available in Australia. The site: innerhealth.com.au and it’s New Zealand counterpart: innerhealthplus.co.nz have been through two different versions since it’s launch over half a decade ago. One of the major points that came up on the subject of the latest redesign and redevelopment was that the site needed to be a lot more flexable, and scalable as well as incorporating new technologies and design standards. We came across drupal as the solution for an (at this point) unnammed project to do with online education and after the development on this project, and the education project have since decided to roll all our new sites out using it.


The Inner Health project is very simple, mainly it is there to give information on what the product does and how consumers can benefit from using it. It also has features such as contests, downloads, and quizes.


We used several non-core modules and I would personally like to thank everyone who helps maintain these as they are such an integral part of any project based on drupal.

Views, CCK, Imagefield, File Field, Flash Video, Mimedetect, Pathauto, Token, Nodequeue, Imagecache, XML Sitemap, SMTP


Everybody involved in this project would like to thank everyone who contributes and maintians drupal as well as those who were willing to give us a hand when things go wrong.

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    All credit belongs to Health World Limited employees

  • Development Time: 1 Month +
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2008 Health World Limited
  • Site URL: http://innerhealth.com.au

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TomsWebStuff's picture

Nice site, love the colour scheme!
Good write up too!