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Infinity Design & Engineering - Interior Design

Added by on Fri 5th Feb 2010

Project Info

Quick company introduction:
Infinity Design & Engineering Ltd is a Beijing-based joint-venture Interior Design and Construction Company with offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Its client portfolio includes both local and international companies from major cities across China. Infinity is proud of its high-valued Project Management that built its reputation over the past decades. It has been awarded many certifications form the Construction Ministry of China as well as from international certification organisms.

Client Needs:
In our first meeting with Infinity, we discussed the existing website and clearly understood one of the main issues was that it had been developed in numerous isolated steps. Sections had been added a few months after the first release but not integrated with enough care, showing clear design differences between pages. Browsing the Project References section was not user friendly and difficult to understand for many users who would easily get lost on the site.
Therefore, Infinity decided to perform a complete redesign of its website, and at the same time enhance it with a fresh look bringing more highlight to two new key sections of the global communication strategy: Project References and Sustainability.
Certainly one of the most important requirements was to provide an efficient tool for the marketing department to manage company’s online presence and improve website’s search engine optimization.

Collaboration with Davyin:
The project was lead in close collaboration with Kyle Stoldt, Marketing Manager for Infinity who was in charge of collecting available content such as texts and pictures, required by Davyin Internet Solutions to put together the site. Complex sections, such as the Project References or Clients required several rounds of revisions to figure out the best way to organize almost all projects from 1996 until today and present a large portfolio in a user friendly manner. Before the launch of the site, training was arranged for Infinity’s webmaster to learn how to manage site’s content and also make the final updates and adjustments for the launch.

Our approach & Solution:
As content organization and layout design were critical to the success of the project, we carried a careful analysis of Infinity’s content base, so that we could produce the content management architecture. By trying to keep page layout clean and simple in the most complex sections, we were able to tackle many accessibility and user-friendly issues that were the major sources of discontent in previous website. In most cases, Javascript came in very handy to provide search engine friendly ways of nicely displaying a large amount of content, such as in the Sustainability section giving an overview of Infinity’s sustainable objectives.

Key features:
1 – Front End solutions: Javascript/Flash:
With a strong expertise in the design industry, Infinity’s new website had to be visually attractive and eye-catchy. Many Javascript JQuery plugins and effects were used to enhance the site navigation and provide a better user experience while staying search engine compliant and compatible across most modern browsers. In order to avoid visitors having to scroll up and down on the whole page, content had to be kept condensed and displayed in scrollable panels with a nice custom design. Internal scrollbars were created with the use of HTML/CSS and the great JQuery plugin JScrollPane. Among the most popular third party modules, the reliable Jquery Cycle plugin allowed us to create rotating, sliding or fading pictures on the home page and changing periodically after a predefined amount of time, very similar to slideshows.

2 – Implementation of Drupal:
In order to offer more flexibility for future extensions or updates, Davyin Internet Solutions installed, configured and fully customized the well-known Open Source Content Management System Drupal that provides many modules including Multilanguage (UTF-8) allowing maintenance of Chinese content.
In addition, the Open Source Rich Content Editor, FCKEditor was setup along with its great Drupal contributed module, to facilitate edition of content in text areas that would contain HTML. On top of a complete customization of the editor’s CSS, several pre-filled FCKEditor templates were created to really bring editing tasks at the reach of any non-tech savvy person.
Numerous contributed modules were selected and configured to perform a vast variety of tasks such as SEO, Content management, Performance, file processing, etc…

3 – Multilanguage
The website is built on Drupal 6 and particularly leverages the translation and Internationalization (I18N) capabilities available in the core, to manage multilingual content in Chinese and English. From the theme and template layer to the database going through the code base and business logic, the website allows any number of languages to coexist in a truly multilingual environment.
The Drupal API allows any properly integrated module to leverage translation functionalities, and for example in SEO, meta tags, xml sitemap and localized urls are all available to any language across the site.

The consistent and clear sections of Infinity’s website match with the professional image of the company. Combining an elegant design with subtle Javascript animations, users are invited to discover company’s extensive portfolio with many pictures of some great project references. Whether adding new features or content, website is fully extensible and provides a strong basis in terms of content management and code.
While having an important amount of pictures, site’s performance was optimized with caching and on-page optimization, ensuring visitors would have a smooth and pleasant browsing experience.
Implementing a wide range of modern SEO tools, website’s content is better indexed and ready to move to the next stage of company’s web marketing strategy.
Davyin Internet Solutions was glad to collaborate with Infinity on this redesign project to create this high quality website up to the best international standards.

Kyle Stoldt, Marketing Manager, Infinity Design & Engineering:
“When it came to redesigning and redeveloping our website, I had to ask around for a reliable company that would not only be tech-oriented, but also able to advise us on how we could manage our content in house easily as well as displaying it nicely to our users. Choosing Davyin Internet Solutions was the right call and I feel like they were just the partner we were looking for.
Now that the website is up and running, I can keep on editing anything I want and adding new content in a very simple way after I was provided with the proper training.”

Technology used:
Drupal, jQuery

This project has be developed in partnership with Davyin internet Solution. Davyin is providing drupal development and Web development in Shanghai

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  • Development Time: 2 months
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  • Site URL: http://www.infinity.com.cn/