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Added by on Fri 10th Oct 2008

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The brief for this site was to allow the site owner to edit the site by themselves. So we installed TinyMCE and IMCE. Nodewords and Google Sitemap and Analytics was also used.

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carmel's picture

I like it, i’m not used to see diferent designs on drupal, it doesn’t look like drupal, cool :)

Zone1 Creative Ltd's picture

Hi Carmel,
Thank you for the comments.

Dave Friston who is the other half of Zone1 Creative designed the site. I take his designs and break them down into Drupal sites.

We have a number of new projects that are waiting for user content before they go live. These too have been designed so that you do not realise that Drupal is behind it all. It shows how flexible Drupal is.

Keep an eye out on the project showcase section.