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ICON 4x4

Added by on Wed 24th Mar 2010
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Project Info

The Challenge
ICON was created by the infamous Jonathan Ward, who worked directly with Mr. Toyota to build three working prototypes of what eventually became the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. ICON was born out of Jonathan Ward’s experience and passion for rugged luxury bespoke 4×4 vehicles. He asked himself, “If we were to revisit the FJ40 our way, how would we do it?” ICON pays homage to the Land Cruiser tradition and the exciting new FJ Cruiser. ICONs are built handmade in California with a starting price of $100,000. How does one drive up sales for such luxury vehicles when auto sales are tumbling, you ask? Well for starters, you make your information accessible, up-to-date, exciting and highly user-friendly. At the time, the ICON website needed to be updated by outside web developers which proved tedious and caused delays in getting updates and exciting news to the market. And so a new was to be born.

The Solution
ICON discovered the perfect design-meets-technology partnership with Osnova and Oshyn. The Team worked cooperatively to deliver the desired user experience for the new ICON website and layered that with a scalable technology solution and implementation. Oshyn recommended that the website be built using the Open Source Content Management System, Drupal. Oshyn chose Drupal to give ICON staffers an easy and cost-effective way to manage the website, quickly create new galleries, videos, new pages and edit all content. In the future ICON can add more features to the website such as podcasts, blogs, events, polls, collaborative work, forums, etc.

The Results
Equipped with a perfect minimalist design, the new website focuses unequivocally on the designs of the rugged ICON 4×4s. ICON is better equipped to communicate with its luxury consumers in real-time. Though ICON 4×4s are hand-made to spec, an inventory of a few vehicles is kept. The website allows ICON to make such details immediately available, along with photos. ICON can also update information such as news, events, or downloadable brochures in real-time. By using Drupal CMS, Oshyn gave ICON a highly flexible design that can be quickly updated with new features while keeping costs low.

“The OSHYN team is awesome. The most painless build I have ever worked on. I have worked on many, from jetBlue to BMW to Healdsburg. This has been the easiest ad most enjoyable by far. Many thanks for the OSHYN referral. I am sure we will do much business together in the coming years. Smart, professional.”

-John Mamus, CEO and Chief Creative Officer -Osnova Group

“Thanks Oshyn – You guys ******* rock!”

About ICON
The Icon is hand-built by Jonathan Ward & his Master Craftsmen at TLC in California from the ground up in very low volume. Production is limited to 24 units per year. These rare vehicles utilize the finest components available from the automotive, aerospace and marine industries. Every part of the ICON design has been researched and implemented to provide the highest standards of operation and durability, whether it be the stainless steel plumbing, Lear Jet sourced aluminum sun visors, or industrial grade coatings. The ICON comes in 3 models & 3 trim levels to match your lifestyle, with numerous options to make every ICON built truly a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

The Technology
• Drupal

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    German Villacreces – Project Manager
    Eric Aguayo – Developer
    Santiago Valle – Developer

  • Development Time: 6 weeks
  • Site URL: http://www.icon4x4.com