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Hogar y Deco

Added by on Wed 20th Jul 2011

Project Info

Hogar y Deco is an online store for tablecloth and home products. The challenge was to create a minorist access for the Company Karisma from Igualada, and to achieve that, we were given full powers i regard of design and programming.

Below we detail the different steps we followed in order to make this project come true:

1. Development

Being Drupal our especialty, we did not doubt to implement it in this project, and with it, all Ubercart modules for online sales. For all purposes, we tried to follow functionality standards that we believe, ended up being quite intuitive.

In the graphic quarters, we based our work on the Aquia Prosper theme, with modifications and changes regarding colors and logo design from our designer, Xavi Miret.

We also made a custom module for the panels that calculate the prices, because each price may change if the sizes of the products differ. Here we can see an example. In any case, this module will also be used for selling roller blinds, which will be available starting this september.

2. Implementation of the store
In this phase, we got together with the clients to define the different transport and payment options the customers would have available. At first, we tried to implement a credit card paying option using a Bank, but due to their lack of knowledge in regard to online payments, we finally decided to use paypal, because this platform allows credit card payments without the necessity for the customers to be registered in paypal, which seemed good enough.

Regarding transport options, it was easy, because the rules established by the transport agency were easy to follow and implement, with a flat fee of 9€ for all shipments to the peninsula, and free shipping for orders worth 150€ and up.

Lastly, we had to deal with LOPD and LSSICE, two steps that are essential before publishing a new website. For these, we counted with support from a specialized company in this matters, NIFLED, which created a very comprehensive report with every detail we should have in mind for the good implementation of the website. It was really a very professional work and I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

3. Promotion
Right now, we are in this phase. We have already defined the different channels of communication that will be used for talking to the clients, which will be Twitter, Facebook and an electronic Newsletter. We will also add Google Ads and promotion on specialized forums.

4. Results
We believe the result is a website with a simple and clean design. The products are really special, with embroidery that make the bed sets and japanese panels quite impressive. Now, we are hoping the different promotions will work, for the clients to appreciate the products and the sales to start flowing.

In any case, for us it’s been a very positive experience, because our relationship with the clients went above service exchange, there was a really great and direct implication from their part in the whole process of the project.