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Added by on Tue 10th Aug 2010

Project Info

This is my newest project that has just gone live. Its hopefully going to be a developing site. Any feedback appreciated.


GetaGame.org is a project that has been created with the sole purpose of strengthening grass roots football and enable football loving athletes to find and locate new teams, be it in your surrounding area or anywhere in the world. The goal of the site was to create a worldwide database of football teams and provide location information as well as contact details. The site can be used to find new teams for those relocating, attracting new players, organisation of pre-season tours.

The Theme

Getagame.org was designed by my myself using a few images from iStockphoto.com and implement using a theme called Framework found in the drupal.org theme library although the theme page.tlp and css file has been almost completely overhauled and is probably not so recognisable.

The structure

I wanted to keep this site fairly simple to begin with, i didnt want to drown the users with content and options when the goal of the site is fairly straightforward, although the site may develop in future versions. The sites main feature is adding a team which is essentially the nodes themselves, and the site implements RSS feeds also to freshen up the content on the front page with news items and give users a reason to stay a few minutes longer.

The nodes/teams themselves only hold the most relevant information. Name, country, region, location (incorperating google maps), web address and an option to select if the team is searching for players or have a full club. This is to avoid teams removing themselves from the database if they do not require players. We also collect phone and email contact information but use CCK field permissions to hide them from unauthorised visitors. It may be important to note I’ve decided against developing a User based site here and have focused on the team database side, although users must sign up to add a team, the site isn’t a place where you can interact with others. Its information based so to say, although as a developing project it wont be ruled out. Lets see where the users take it.

The site also provides a quick search block using exposed Views to search country, region or city. The countries and Regions are predefined using select list allowed values to force some control to the site, its quite possible for people to spell incorrectly and be missed out during searches. The cities however are free text.


Im not going to make an exhausting list here as most drupal users know which modules require what friends and so on so here are the big boys.

CCK was used to create the team nodes and extra fields. See also filefield, imagefield, link, email
Views makes up a great deal of the site. The search blocks and page sare exposed views, as well as the ‘recently added teams’ block.
Location was used to incorperate google maps where possible. Not all areas are mapped but when a users adds full location info a link to google maps page usually become available.
Quicktabs There is plenty of space on the site right now but i thought it best to use quicktabs. This gives a cleaner feel to the home page and enable a ‘team feature’ using views and also new feeds from various sport/news sites to be added.
Finally as i need to keep track of the site visits I’ve used the Google Analytics and Google AdSense modules. Although these could have been hand coded I find you have more control using the available blocks than having to remove and add code throughout the site.

There are of course over modules used but nothing i feel needs to be written about. I hope this gives a little insight into the site and appreciate any feedback on essentially my first ‘media/social’ site.