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Fresh Brain

Added by on Thu 31st Jul 2008

Project Info

ImageX Media partnered with FreshBrain, a new foundation building an online learning platform. Founded by employees of Sun Microsystems, FreshBrain realized that traditional schooling is not able to offer up-to-date technology education. To build excitement about the foundation, we launched a design contest site for FreshBrain within a 6 week timeframe. Within a month of its debut, FreshBrain had hundreds of users sign up. Now with the beta site launched, students have access to a plethora of tools, projects and support to let their ideas take shape. We developed social networking features like a forum, private messaging, user dashboard and blogging system that will help Freshbrain flourish as a vibrant learning community.

Comments (3)

rtboxdesign's picture

nice fun design. love it.

PR Firm - DRS and Associates's picture

Excellent site. Love the design.

amedjones's picture

beautiful site. I love the design, seeing website like your truly shows the power of drupal
Keep it up :)