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Added by on Wed 27th Aug 2008

Project Info

FlashVideo is a complete video solution that expands the upload module to allow web developers and users to upload video files, automatically convert those videos to the popular Flash format, and then embed their video in any node type in the Drupal System using the simple [video] tag. This project stemmed from my opinion that a video should not be considered a “node”, but rather should be treated as a file. Because of this, this module simply expands the Upload module to allow more than one video to be attached to any node, and then referenced through the use of parameters passed to the tag [video]. I have also included automatic conversion to the Flash Format using FFMPEG.

Comments (2)

Verdevelop's picture

You have my utmost respect for your work with this simply awesome module, which I used many times with great success (also, using it for my final project for my university course). Thank you!!

TMT Digital's picture

Thanks a bunch! This is what keeps me going to make it better. Nothing makes me happier than to hear of people who use my module with success.

Thanks again!