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Emu Art Tile

Added by on Fri 19th Aug 2011
Ceramic Handmade Art Tiles - Made in USA - Emu Tile_1313777849451.pngContact Emu Art Tile - Ceramic Handmade Art Tiles - Made in USA - Emu Tile_1313777836676.pngThe Art of Tile Installed in Wood, Craft Objects and Other Places - Ceramic Handmade Art Tiles - Made in USA - Emu Tile_1313777809818.pngClock Autumn Glaze Tree of Life Art Tile 6x6 - Ceramic Handmade Art Tiles - Made in USA - Emu Tile_1313777979030.png

Project Info

This site is running Drupal 6 with Ubercart. It is an artist tile portfolio and sales site for handmade ceramic art tile called Emu Tile at http://emutile.com

The style of the site is simple so as not to overshadow the rustic handmade tile which is made using the same methods that have been used for hundreds of years. The over style is along the lines of a 100 year old news paper with some modern improvements.

The image gallery is running on the Node Gallery module using Imagecache, Imagecache Actions, and Lightbox2.

The styling and content generation is currently ongoing.

Thanks for the look and or the link!
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    Back end work on Drupal site done in a little spare time by Darrell Ulm

  • Development Time: 3 weeks in work hours for back end (not content creation)
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2011 Emu Tile
  • Site URL: http://emutile.com

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TLPOWER 's picture

Nice website,so i think U should be review color and font of website! The backgroud of website should be darker!

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