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Emerson Fabrication Redesign

Added by on Sun 25th Oct 2009

Project Info

The redesign of Emerson Fabrication has been a fairly involved project – especially since this was a solo project. But it has been a fun site to work on, mainly because I had the rare opportunity to do exactly what I wanted, within reason, with no real limits or constraints. My boss told me that he wanted a website and that is about all the input I got.

In this case study I am going to attempt to detail, as much as possible, many of the steps I took in building the site. I will start with the general outline and a list of functionality that I wanted the site to have. Then I will detail some of the steps I took to solve various issues encountered and also go over some of the contributed modules I used and explain how some of them work together to provide that functionality.

You can read the complete case-study at Emerson Fabrication Redesign