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eDiscovery People

Added by on Tue 3rd Jun 2014

Project Info

eDiscovery People™ began as an Open Group on LinkedIn in order to attract cross-discipline participation by Information Retrieval scientists and engineers, eDiscovery attorneys, Project Managers, and Litigation Support leaders. “We share and discuss kernels of wisdom from the best and brightest in the eDiscovery field, including experienced inside counsel, outside counsel, and eDiscovery consultants and other luminaries in the field who have contributed ideas to the Advanced E-Discovery Institute at Georgetown Law Center, The Sedona Conference, and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).”

Find insights and interesting ideas in the Discussions area of eDiscovery People™, now a leading group on LinkedIn for conversations about process improvements and technology innovations for electronic discovery.

+ International eDiscovery
+ eDiscovery Project Management
+ Concepts of Defensibility, Proportionality, Reasonableness
+ Process Improvement
+ Information Retrieval Technologies and Methods
+ Data Mining Techniques
+ Relevance Determinations Assisted by Machine Learning
+ Social Networking Web Site Content and Communications
+ ESI Production Standards

Upcoming open discussions will focus on the efficacy of search terms for relevance assessment; defensible targeted self-collections of ESI in civil litigation; how best to “redact” and produce relevant portions of audio and video documents; and ways to preserve metadata for social media found in the cloud.

Participation in conversations about technical and substantive aspects of eDiscovery is encouraged for qualified persons with relevant expertise and unique perspectives. While it is possible for a LinkedIn member of any level to request to join eDiscovery People™, membership is not automatic. eDiscovery People™ members can be invited by other members with domain knowledge on a particular topic of interest.