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Doris Time : London Nights Out Membership Club

Added by on Wed 26th Nov 2008

Project Info

Doris Time is a members only, social networking club based in London.

Memberships are vetted and once logged in, additional information and functions become available.

Bespoke theme created from scratch and bespoke module created too.

The result is a cool, easy to use portal with an attractive front end and powerful back-end .. sounds like my wife .. haha!!

Comments (4)

stellarvisions : communication architects's picture

I’m sorry but hasn’t this site been uploaded before?

Stella Gassaway

STELLARVISIONS : communication architects

DrupalSN's picture

Yeh looks like it has http://drupalsn.com/projects/doris-time-social-networking
As its by different users i’ll let them both stay.

actevate.com / hulasystems.com's picture

Thanks guys .. I didn’t realise it was an issue putting a site up twice .. we worked on different parts of this and are both really pleased with the outcome .. as is our client !! ..

Thanks for your comments.


stellarvisions : communication architects's picture

It’s hard to have a good conversational thread about the project if it’s posted twice.

It’s not like its against some rule or anything. But I remembered voting and making a comment about the site and then it popped up again posted by someone else.

Maybe if both you and your team member collaborated on the project showcase description and the team members are listed. That would give you all credit and votes and comments would be centralized. Even adding info as a comment to the project would link us to your profile as well.

Maybe Tom has an idea how the project could be shared by two members of the team.

Nice site BTW.

Stella Gassaway

STELLARVISIONS : communication architects