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Document Manager

Added by on Tue 8th May 2012

Project Info

Document Manager is the ultimate online document management system specially designed for small and large companies and organizations to capture, allocate, store and manage documents and data in an efficient and economic way. Document Manager complies with current legislation which dictates that all company documents need to be stored for a specific period of time. If documents are saved electronically, it need not be stored for as long as previously reqiured.

The physical storage of original documents takes up an enormous amount of time, labour and space. By making use of an electronic document management system such as Document Manager your company / organization will:

Have instant online access to all your files & documents.
Have all data and documents in a secure central location.
Enjoy increased productivity and better customer service.
Experience peace of mind by knowing that your document storage complies to current government legislation / regulations.

Your company / organization will save a substancial amount of money by using Document Manager compared to other licence based document management systems.

This website has been professionally designed to enlighten and instruct potential users of Document Manager in the basics of online document management. You will be able to get easy, user friendly intructions for capturing, storing and retrieving documentation as well as the language and prosesses to arrange and install a successful document management system for your company / organization.

Follow the links and work your way through this website; experience the terms and concepts of document management and become a satisfied user of Document Manager. We insist you contact our team at Document Manager if you need more information and assistance because we know your company / organization is going to benefit big time in future.