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Comex Display

Added by on Fri 19th Jun 2009

Project Info

With a substantial products catalog including many references with pictures and specifications, ComEx required a strong online brand image to be able to fully establish its brand identity on the market. Although having a clear idea of the objectives to fulfill, ComEx’s directors were looking for web development partners that would understand their needs and be able to provide complete assistance in web design, content organization, user experience or search engine optimization.

Starting with a careful analysis of ComEx online and offline competitors, we were able to identify key indicators and critical factors to succeed on the Australian Exhibition displays market.

The most challenging part of the project was to find a way of organizing and categorizing products efficiently and in a user-friendly manner. Products were divided into categories and subcategories, with different levels and families with various specifications. Updating and maintaining had to be made easy through web based forms allowing products to be switched or added to different categories. Furthermore, to engage directly with its customers, inquiry forms were setup enabling visitors to request information on specific products. On top of that, ComEx, puts at the disposal of its customers a great system allowing sending of heavy graphic files through YouSendIt to be printed on purchased products.

Project key features:

Full products management system:By offering users to browse its comprehensive online catalog of portable exhibition displays and tradeshow booth supplies, ComEx is able to reach its market directly through the web. Its rich products’ catalog provides numerous pictures with setup instructions or specifications. The website’s back-end provides an efficient way to update or add products through simple forms making administration of the products database a breeze.

Implementation on Drupal:In order to build a sustainable website that could be maintained and further extended, Davyin Internet Solutions installed, configured and fully customized the highly renowned Open Source Content Management System Drupal. ComEx website can make full use of the great functionalities Drupal puts at the disposal of its community, from search engine optimization to inquiry forms, going through Multilanguage (UTF-8) in the future if they plan to target local markets. Furthermore, the website was customized according to Drupal API standards which allow clean updates of core files and other contributed modules to keep the website up to date.

A rich graphical user interface: Creating a website that is not only efficient or built on one of the best CMS-structure, but also visually appealing and eye-catchy, is how Davyin’s development team embraced this project as a challenge up to our standards. The look and feel was one of ComEx’s main concerns: users should not only be attracted to the website they should also browse through different pages. The JQuery Lightbox (Graphical effect that appears in front of the visited page without opening any other window or tab) was implemented to display pictures, and is automatically resized depending on the picture size.

The Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) setup package of our online solutions was implemented on the website: featuring URL-rewriting, dynamic XML Sitemap, Meta tags, etc… website is built according to W3C standards and search engine friendly guidelines. A blog regularly updated not only allows ComEx to keep its visitors aware of its activities and latest products developments, but also have a sustainable impact on search engines indexing and therefore achieve better results on organic search engine rankings. After a few weeks, ComExdisplay.com.au will start to feel the benefits of a good organic search engine optimization as well as prepare to step further onto online marketing campaigns with maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Engaging with customers:Through collection of online submissions, ComEx is able to quickly respond to its visitors who send specific inquiries through online forms. Information is collected on server and sent to the corresponding email address in order to provide a clear answer in a short delay. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the integration of the YouSendIt DropBox for logged in customers, allowing them to purchase products through Paypal, upload large files (up to 2GB) to be printed and delivered directly to their door.