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Added by on Wed 20th Jul 2011

Project Info

The renovation project for the corporate website of Citilab (center for social and digital innovation, based in Cornellà de Llobregat) arises from the necessity to renew the older website, also made using Drupal. That was version 5, developed when the center opened its door, back in 2007. The people in charge of Citilab wanted not only an aesthetic trenewal, but also a technological one, migrating from Drupal 5, to 6.

Given the fact that the clients already knew how to work with Drupal and of its possibilities, the most important factor was to give the website even more flexibility of usage. Different sections of the website, like news, agenda and videos, needed a more rigid structure, while the rest of the website could benefit from more generic structures.

A fundamental part of this development is the inclusion of multilingual capabilities, which allows the website to have two languages (catalan and spanish) and soon, english. Also, the contents have been updated, making them more accesible from the home page, with an emphasis on those related with the community and the projects.

The agenda section, which previously only had one language and used Google’s Calendar service, has been included inside Drupal, which allows for events to be related to other contents of the website, and creating a much more homogeneus visualization of that section.

Another service we made, was the migration of all news and videos from the previous website. There was the necessity to not lose all previous information, so we had to transfer the data between the old and new structure, saving it’s content and distribution.

Lastly, we want to stress that Citilab, and more precisely it’s communication department, has always given special importance to all multimedia content and social networks. With the new website, the user can access all archive interviews and also browse through all the photographies hosted in Flickr.