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Calicoan Island Villas

Added by on Sun 4th Jan 2009

Project Info

Calicoan Island Villas is a D5 based site intended to showcase vacation homes in Calicoan Island, Samar, Philippines.

The site is divided into numerous pages (some are arranged through the book node type). Modules used include: CCK, Views, Imagefield, Imagecache, Asset, TinyMCE, Pathauto, Jquery_update, a custom module and a few others.

Image / video management is handled by the Asset module, TinyMCE, Imagecache, plus custom asset formatters (mainly for automatic thickbox integration).

The Gallery is handled by Slideshowpro (SSP) plus some custom code. Gallery photos and video are defined as specific node types, consisting of an asset field, and categorized by taxonomy. Administrators can manage the gallery (reorder the photos, add new photos to a gallery) through a custom interface (drag and drop images to reorder, click to edit the photo/node). XML is generated based off the taxonomy and the nodes associated with it.

A “lot” node type is defined for the lots in the site map page. The node type consists of an asset field, a few textfields, a select field on whether the lot is sold or not, and a field where corrdinates can be defined relating to the base map image. The site map image is then generated using the base image, and the coordinates of the lots, filling out any sold out lots in the process. An image map is then rendered to make the lots clickable.

Other special functions include PDF Generation, SSP handled fading images for the header and front page, and pages restricted to approved brokers.