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British Science Association

Added by on Mon 14th Jan 2013

Project Info

BSA is one of the biggest associations on the UK, having the capability to move more than 70.000 people on the different science festivals organized by theme. On Atenea tech we did the new website on Drupal 7.

This is a complex web on which we have been working differents months on the development and where we can find a complex organization of the information, and different rules to show the information depending of the section where you are.

Also we can find a complex system of ticket selling done it by Drupal commerce, and an intranet to recommend events where take part differents users and with a workflow on work on different escenarios.

This web site has been the most ambitious project of Atenea Tech for the resources and for the development of the complex architecture.

Created by Atenea tech (http://ateneatech.com)