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Added by on Tue 17th Mar 2009

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BLISS is beyond Heaven.

A quiet zone -a time to be one with nature. A temporary disconnect from the everyday humdrum of the world. Just create a world of bliss.

Watch the flowers- they are quiet and unperturbed, smiling and fresh. In short, they are IN BLISS most of the time. Watch the delicate birds – flying high, in unison, happy and free. Birds are IN BLISS most of the time. Watch any three-month old child. She or he is simply there. Just lying down, smiling or blinking, crying or sleeping. The baby is In BLISS most of the time.

By watching and imagining that we are one with a flower, a bird or an infant, we can surely feel the echo effect. Then we too can be IN BLISS.

One needs to give this thought some attention. If the intention is there, the rest would follow easily.

As we devote more time to be IN BLISS, our daily Heaven-life would increase proportionately. The result, we will enjoy more love, more peace, more contentment. And also enjoy more healthy friendships.