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Atenea tech

Added by on Wed 20th Jul 2011

Project Info

The new Atenea tech website, a drupalshop company from Barcelona, have a clean design, based on the old website design and our new corporative brand.

In this new site we try to highlight this elements:

Process: We created a new page explaining our development process. We think that this is one of the more important parts of our work, and this make the different with other companies.

People first: We are not a big company with thousand of employees and this is the reason that we don’t want a website that seems a big coporation website. For us is important to distinguish the value of the people that makes part of Atenea.

Projects: In the old website our projects page have a big list of project with a little description of each one. Now we have selected the most important and representative projects and we make a big description of each. We think that the better way to know what we do is to show our work.

Drupal: Technologically is our most important tool, and we want to spotlight this in our website.

Blog: Is an essential element for the company communication. We want to make more post explain more deeply what we do.